S.M. Wolf
Lies To Heathens

A catchy-as-hell, energetic, and anthemic tune is just what we needed to shake an unfortunate hangover from last night’s office Halloween party, and luckily for us, and our aching, cloudy heads, Indy-based S.M. Wolf has saved the day with “Lies to Heathens.”

You may not have heard of this band quite yet, but with their highly infectious, sing-along style, it won’t be long before you start seeing them pop up all over the place. This tune highlights their indie-psych-pop prowess, boasting a nostalgic sound rife with soaring guitars, playful vocal harmonies, and an incredibly memorable chorus.

This is the second sneak peek at their forthcoming album, Neon Debris, which drops on November 7th via both In Store Recordings and Jurassic Pop.

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