With the close of October just a few days back in our rearview, it’s time for us to part ways with our Resident Artist. We’ve covered everything with him, from the finest craft brews, to his tour complete with a brand new stage design, to the best in head-banging metal. We’ve certainly enjoyed everything up until this point, but we still have one more trick up our sleeve to wrap up one hell of a month.

Even though Seven Lions is out on the road, he’s offering up a sneak preview at his brand new track. Out on 11/9 via Monstercat, “Cold Skin” is a collaboration with Portland-based, live-electronic duo Echos. With some absolutely stunning vocals, courtesy of Lexi from Echos, and a seamless fusion of the two artists’ musical styles, we can say with certainty that this one is going to be big.

While today is just a taste of what’s to come, it will be more than enough to hook you in. Take a listen below and get ready for a serious case of blue ears. If you’re not familiar with that term just yet, you will be shortly.

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