’J M R – One Time’

Some of you are probably gearing up for a big night out. With festivals like Tomorrowland, Northern Nights, and Global Dance Festival, we’re safe to assume that a good amount of our fan base is heading out with full intentions on imbibing this evening.

However, we’re sure that there’s still a hefty lot of you that are looking to have a quiet night in, enjoying some vino, maybe having a few friends over, or possibly entertaining that special someone, or someone you’d like to have as your special someone. This post definitely appeals more to the latter of both the previous paragraph, and the previous sentence.

Coming out of Red Brick Songs‘ songwriter retreat, we’re offered a glimpse of an overwhelmingly sultry tune. Written and recorded by JMR, EXROYALE and Ryne Estwing of ON AN ON, “One Time” is a seductive thrill-ride reserved for only the most pristine of boudoir playlists. Comprised of a simplistic string arrangement, repetitious percussion (you know, to get that perfect rhythm) and of course, JMR’s stunning vocals, this song will surely seal the deal. If it doesn’t, he, or she isn’t worth your time, because either they’re not into you or their taste in music isn’t up to par. And let’s be honest, can you really stand to be with someone with poor taste in music?

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