Nobody's Watching

After forming just a year ago. Sheffield-based indie act SHEAFS are on the right track. Highlighted by an iconic, guitar-driven sound, they’re quickly turning the collective head of tastemakers, bloggers, and some of our favorite emerging bands alike. And, it doesn’t look like there are any signs of slowing down.

Their style is one that fuses multiple genres and influences together, lead by dark and twisted lead guitar work. At times, it calls on associations of the legendary Surf Rock guitarist Dick Dale, if he were crafting the soundtrack to a sadistic horror movie. And, at other points, we can’t help but think of the Arctic Monkeys, if they were hopped up on too much caffeine and going through a bout of darkness.

Today, we’re bringing you the first look at their debut music video, produced by Sheffield Filmmakers Ben McFarlane and Jordan Carroll. Shot in the basement of Theatre Delicatessen in Sheffield, the story of “Nobody’s Watching” comes to life through a black and white treatment, an industrial background, and quickly shifting shots that keep up with the fast and furious tempo lead by impressive bass and percussion work.

If you’re feeling the haunting vibes from this tune and accompanying music video, we highly recommend visiting the other selections from their 4-track EP.

Photo Credit: Lewis Evans

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