I Want You (Available January 19)

It’s almost 10:00AM here in Colorado. We just sat down to our computers, ready to take on one more full day of work, but something’s not quite right. In our minds, we’re not quite free for two days of unadulterated freedom. In our ears though, we’re already tearing up the dance floor. How is this possible you ask? Let us refer to the much-anticipated tune from Amsterdam-based trio Shermanology.

Premiering today on your favorite music blog (even if we’re not, just pretend for the next five minutes) we have one hell of a future house tune that’s already been tearing up dance clubs, and now it’s dead set on tearing up your headphones, computers, tablets, and home stereos. This energetic, dance-your-ass-off tune features a bouncy melody, coupled with 90’s style dance-pop vocals. Lyrically, you can’t find a more perfect fit for some massive speakers, some adult beverages, and a good looking dance partner, all of which we’re sure you’re already envisioning for later tonight.

“I Want You” is available through Work Records come Monday. Until then, feel free to bookmark this page and come back repeatedly.

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