Chris Stylez
Who Is (Kryptogram Remix)

Some of you are gearing for a wild weekend out on the town. Some of you are prepping for a relaxing weekend at home. Some of you are going through your checklist to properly woo that special someone this weekend. For those of you who are leaning towards the latter, Kryptogram has just the thing for you.

Originally crafted by NYC singer/songwriter Chris Stylez, “Who Is” was already rife with a strong message. Simply put, we can’t even classify these as innuendos. These lyrics very literally lay it all out there, and they also beg for a smooth, groovy beat. Luckily for us, this Chicago-based beatsmith saw things in just that light.

Taking this tune into the dancefloor, and most likely the bedroom, Kryptogram has dialed this with some timeless swagger. He brought in some 70’s style guitar flicks, future style synths, and, of course, some sexy, sexy sax. The mood he designed is absolutely perfect for the vocals, creating something that still maintains the original identity, yet brings an entirely new attitude.

Throw this on tonight at the end of your date. It’s a bold statement, but who could honestly resist it?

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