Full Crate
Island Girl (ft. Bluey Robinson)

Settling nicely into the swing of summer, Amsterdam-based DJ Full Crate has returned with another jam. A mainstay to the smooth-electronic music scene for well over a decade, Full Crate has patiently crafted a unique soulful sound. With tracks like “Special” and the remix to Disclosure’s “White Noise”, Full Crate’s appeal is easily justifiable. Coupled with friend and fellow local Mar, the catalog of impressive, highly regarded tracks increases even further – highlighted by “Nobody Else” and “Man x Woman”.

Further, his production style has inspired others to take up his technique. Another Netherland local producer to apply his knowledge from the school of Full Crate, Jeftuz, has since gained his own global following on the strength of his talented blend of R&B and Dancehall.

Full Crate’s latest release “Island Girl” features London singer Bluey Robinson, the former MTV News co-host who is having quite a summer himself with the recent release of his album The Red Room. Following the tune of Full Crate’s latest soulful creation, Robinson channels his inner Mar and belts out a smoothly textured, soulful ballad. “Island Girl” contains elements reminiscent of 90’s R&B classics, as well more contemporary works produced by The Neptunes. Fans of Full Crate and Bluey Robinson can find their latest collaboration “Island Girl” on Spotify and on iTunes.

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