Wish You'd Met Me First

This song is for my ladies out there (fellas, you will like this one too but, my ladies get ready).
London artist Maiday has released this powerful single ‘Wish You’d Met Me First’. From the title you can guess exactly what this song is about, something many of us have been through. You meet this amazing guy/girl and because of the timing, you cannot be with them. Then you find out the person whom they are with is an amazing individual, beautiful, caring, smart, sucks. Not really but sometimes, it sucks. And Maiday captures this feeling so well. With her absolutely seductively stunning voice, she captures the heartbreak felt and the hopefulness of maybe one day all in one song. With a strong drum and instrumental beat to add power to the song, this melody is stirs a feeling within of wanting and desire. Maiday shows on this track that she is just beginning to make her mark and she welcomes you to join her for the ride.

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