Cheap Sunglasses (ft. Matthew Koma)

Before you listen to this song, we want you to drop everything and get in your car. Head to the gas station in closest to your house, head inside, and purchase a pair of sunglasses. They should preferably be under $10, sitting on a tilted, plastic rack. After you make your thrifty, stylish purchase, head back to your computer and press play.

All settled? Ok. Press play and get ready to listen to what will populate your headphones, speakers and lives for the next few months. Portland-born RAC is back with another groovy tune that has warm-weather vibes written all over it. Coming off of the heels of his release with former Bloc Party frontman Kele, the Interscope records signed artist has teamed up with famed EDM vocalist Matthew Koma for a poolside pleaser worthy of any epic, summer get-together.

“Strangers” features a dancy piano melody, warped vocal samples, and some playful xylophone notes. When coupled with Koma’s addicting vocals, and this gem is sure to crawl it’s way under your skin for the duration of summer.

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