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A lot of times the name of the band does not necessarily correlate with the type of music they produce. However, the wonderful shadow of dreamy melodies that Sunvisor has provided us this summer is both refreshing and encouraging. Just as dailybeatz describes it, the talented duo based out of New York take their name very seriously protecting us from overheating our ears with their delicate and soothing chill/wave/whateveryouwanttocallitwave music. Two days ago Blackbird Blackbird surprised us by releasing Sunvisor’s much surreal, clearer version of Hawaii. I have to admit I like the remix a lot more than the original mainly because the added electronic layers give it a richer, crispier sound.

Blackbird Blackbird – Hawaii (Sunvisor Remix)

’Blackbird Blackbird — Hawaii (Sunvisor Remix).mp3′

I have also included Sky Dive, from their upcoming EP to which we hope to be released soon. From blasting electro tracks at a pool party to laying at beach mellowing yourself out, for whatever you do, make sure that somewhere in the middle you pack Sunvisor to cool yourself off.

Sunvisor – Sky Dive


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