Salt Ashes
If You Let Me Go (Main Mix)

You know a track is going to be pretty damn good when you find out it was written and produced in over 3 different parts of the world. Between spending countless nights on the floors of Ibiza, Berlin, and New York, singer and songwriter Salt Ashes blew us away with her latest, “If You Let Me Go”. The young artist takes us on a trip back to the days of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Debbie Harry in this 80’s inspired flashback anthem.

“You don’t need to rescue me, rescue me, if you let me go.”

“If You Let Me Go” combines both modern and classic pop, heavy synths, and powerful lyrics to create an all around flawless track. Salt Ashes is the internets next big weapon for music and we cannot wait to see what this talented artist has in store for us in the coming months. Make sure to grab this tune on out now on Radikal Records.

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