Buy You A Drink (SMLE Remix)

In all honesty, this is the first time this writer has found himself typing in the name T-Pain into a post title. Nothing against the Tallahasseean personally, his music has just never really jived with me. Today it does though, but mainly due to the fact it has been set to a wickedly gorgeous future bass backdrop. Cheers to SMLE for broadening my musical horizons.

Taking the heavily treated from the original, this happy-go-lucky producer has dialed up a vibe-heavy interpretation of “Buy You a Drink.” Its aesthetic nature comes to life with calculated creaks, soaring synths, and booming bass, all crackling with layers of rich atmosphere and melody. It’s definitely one to come home and chill out to after a long night at the club. It’s also probably ideal for bringing someone home with you. We’ll let you experiment with that and get back to us.

First things first though. Can we get that drink now,SMLE?

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