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[15 to End 2015] Ninja Jordan’s Best of the Year

2015 marks a new era in music. I know that’s a grand claim, but hear me out. We haven’t seen this kind of experimentation and innovation in many, many years– so much so that I’m taking it upon myself to title 2015 the year of the Phoenix. *Insert smoke bomb quick change effect here.*

The concept of quality music has entirely re-birthed itself and with it the consumer base’s understanding of artistry has grown ten-fold. Artists like Grimes and Kendrick have experimented with elements that have been foreign to any of their previous works, Thundercat has stepped on the scene in a mainstream way that I would have never thought possible, and the Biebs has actually issued public apologies for his shenanigans and it is on that principle that I include him on this list. Just kidding, he just made a great track with the help of good ol’ Wes and Sonny.

But I feel weirdly proud of all of them. And with that, I bring you my list of the best tracks of 2015. Hope you enjoy.

’Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber)’

I know this song is everywhere all the time, but credit is due where it’s deserved, and thanks to this track made Bieber 10x more attractive. Probably ‘cause Diplo touched it. Mmmm Diplo.

’Shlomo – BURIED’
“Buried” provides a haunting introduction to one of his best works so far, Dark Red, that I to this day cannot stop blasting, and sometimes I put a sheet over my head and lurk around to it and that’s not strange.

’Viet Cong – “Continental Shelf”‘
Off their self-titled EP, “Continental Shelf” best encapsulates the emergence of a new age rock band that just seems to know what the freak (it might be 2015 but my lingo’s stuck in ’05) is up.

’Psychemagik – Mink & Shoes feat Navid Izadi’
A new kind of dubby club music—this track just makes me feel like straight struttin’ and was one of the hottest releases in electronic.

’Lane 8 – Diamonds ft. Solomon Grey’
This whole EP was just a great release for electronic music, and “Diamonds” is a beautiful example of the finesse Lane 8 put into this work.

’Major Lazer & Dj Snake – Lean On (Feat Mø)’
I had the privilege of being on the Mad Decent tour this summer and watching the things that this song does to a crowd every night is incredible– this track gets my best vibes vote, and Wes gets the chillest life vote.

’Rae Sremmurd – No Type (Prod. By Mike WiLL Made It & Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd)’
Alright, this song just speaks for itself. Next.

’Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best’
My god I love the genre she pioneered with this release, and I love how incredibly distinct she’s made her character within every single thing she bestows upon us. Also possibly one of the most clever lyricists of 2015: “I think you’re a joke, but I don’t find you very fuuuuunnuuunnuunnuuunnny.”

’Jamie XX – Loud Places (ft Romy)’
Jamie xx has always been a favo(u)rite of mine, and we send him our deepest congratulation(u)ns for the work of art he’s given the music wo(u)rld with his EP In Colour, and especially the track “Loud Places.” Also sorry for making fun of u.

’Thundercat – ‘Them Changes”

Jesus, this song has the most talent I’ve seen since Jordan. The depth of this track is astounding and I thank Thundercat for his supporting role in Fly Lo and Kendrick’s works, but I’m so happy he’s made it big with his own stuff this time around.

’Deru – 1979’

This song is much heavier than the rest and the artist is not well known, but Deru’s “1979” along with the rest of the EP is a work of genius—especially when you read how he recorded it. Just awe-inspiring.

’Bored In The USA’
Another real talk post—Father John Misty you are inspirational and prophetic and thank you for delivering this ballad to us. The quality quotient of this song is so high that I’m convinced it will be listened to for decades.

’Grimes – Fresh Without Blood/Live In The Vivid Dream’
Grimes kicked major ass with Art Angels and “Flesh without Blood” instills in me the happiness, weightlessness, and honestly hope that no other song in 2015 has. She is 100% the role model that all women, and all people because eff gendered statements Jordan, need.

’Tame Impala – Let It Happen’
Woof, this is getting intense. “Let It Happen” wins the best alternative song of the year, hands down. I haven’t heard a breakdown like this since never.

’Kendrick Lamar – u’

And finally, closing out the best of 2015, comes the best track off of the best album of the year in my opinion, “u”—a song that explores consciousness, vice and transformation like no other musical work I’ve ever heard. Kendrick’s theatrical performance in “u” sends the listener to their deepest and realest state—one of the wonders of musical composition that I am probably most thankful for.

And with that… here are Jordan’s top 15 tracks of 2015 listed from 15 to 1. Hope you enjoy.

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Chrysalide – Substance Over Style (Sonic Area Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Dependence 2015: Track 04 Chrysalide
Substance Over Style (Re

You wanna hear some weird, awesome music? You’ve come to the right post. This Music Ninja premiere is coming to you straight from left field, if left field was located in an underground rave on some other planet. Sonic Area brings the intriguing listen with a remix of “Substance Over Style,” a still new original that was created by Chrysalide and released this year. As for the remix, it comes out with the Dependence compilation on April 24th.

Sonic Area came up with something that can’t really be defined by one genre. It’s a little trashy, with a hard vocal that is just rough enough around the edges. As the song develops it feels as though things get crazier and crazier, but isn’t that what all us go hards are looking for anyways? Have an early listen to the single, and be ready on the 24th when the whole compilation drops.

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