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[Electro] Jameston Thieves – Cookie Butter EP

Two of our favorite camps have come together on an EP that is just out of this world. The EP is Cookie Butter by the astonishingly talented Jameston Thieves who got Uprise Music to back this project. There are lots of notable producers out there making big bucks, but few, if any, come close to JT.

With Cookie Butter we get four singles, including a collaboration with Aaron Jackson and Megan Hamilton. Together these three kick off the EP with “Wonder,” a dynamic single whose composition shifts shape throughout the entire song. It’s like a whole bunch of good songs in one, which the same can be said for “Circadian Rhythm.” If by now you haven’t noticed that JT’s sound design is absolutely maddening then “Shottahs” will take care of you. Lastly, “Back In It” is what may be the most wacky song on the project. It’s a fun listen, even by Jameston Thieve’s standards. Cookie Butter is now available on digital services, so grab it!

’Jameston Thieves & Aaron Jackson – Wonder (Ft. Megan Hamilton)’
’Jameston Thieves – Circadian Riddim’
’Jameston Thieves – Shottahs’
’Jameston Thieves – Back In It’
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