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[Deep House] ANGELZ – Useless (feat. A.J. Crew) [TMN Premiere]

Useless (feat. A.J. Crew)

“Useless” is the newest track from the Quebec producer ANGELZ, who worked with A.J. Crew on this Music Ninja premiere. As expected from G house royalty, this original is an incredible production that brings the term groovy to a whole new level. From the little things like the cut time breaks, to the various samples that we’ll leave you to scavenger hunt, to the big things, like the catchy vocal interplay, is all articulated with perfection. Despite it’s name, it’s a must have for DJs as it certainly isn’t a “Useless” song. Need to get the party going? Pop this on. Need something dope on in the background while you are enjoying free time in the Spring? ANGELZ is here for you. Don’t want to stream the song and use data? You can download it for free!

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