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[Music Video] Alien Knife Fight – Flightplan

Kickback, strap in and get ready to lift off. “Flightplan” from Alien Knife Fight is here. The do it yourselfers Monique and Michael not only wrote and performed their jammy single, but they did a ton of work alongside a very select few others on the music video for the project.

Great rock has always been a raw, unfiltered experience and Alien Knife Fight are a pillar in that regard. As heard and seen with “Flightplan” they are doing things their own way and it really shows. With this single we get a tasteful, vibey tune that calls for lighters (not cell phones) in the air. It’s certainly doesn’t take a leap to imagine that in a live scenario. In mentioning a live show, if you’re in California, they’re playing a string of shows starting today in both the Northern and Southern parts of the great state. Check out their Facebook page for details after you follow through with “Flightplan.”

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