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[Indie/Rock] Mesita – Heard You’re Happy

Heard You're Happy

Recorded in Littleton, CO, ‘Heard You’re Happy’ is the lead track on the brand new digital album, The Phoenix, from Mesita. This one grows with intensity and shows off some wicked personality. The extended tune is layered rather well and is a great report of what it feels like when distancing yourself from someone important. As I continue to listen, the more I enjoy the elegant piano keys and stimulating guitar riffs. I’m really looking forward to diving deeper into The PhoenixYou can find the full album on Bandcamp.

Read the below note posted by Mesita on Facebook in anticipation for the December 30th, 2014 release.

This one has been difficult…

Been working on this album for a long time now, and it feels off. Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a bad headspace, and the new songs really reflect that. It’s bitter and it’s negative and not who I am or want to be. So much time and effort’s been put into it, so it needs to be released. But it comes almost as catharsis. “This is what it was, what’s next?”

For 2015, the aim’s to get back into the groove that drove me to make music in the first place. Have a few different things in the pipeline. I’ve had an idea stewing around for a bit, and the time feels right for it. The next album that I’ll begin work on will be a direct sequel, Here’s To Nowhere 2.

Thank you all for sticking around while I get sorted out. I love you all, man. Can’t begin to emphasize that enough.

The Phoenix out Tuesday on mesitamusic.com.

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[Album Preview] Brigg Fair – full length debut

When making an album, recording live is the musical equivalent of doing your crossword puzzle in pen. It’s risky. If one member of the band falters or delivers a performance that’s less than stellar- it shows through in the playback and you pretty much have to record the whole song over. There are very few opportunities to “punch in” where you left off in this kind of recording environment. Because of that, engineers often steer bands away from live recording. When it’s done right, though, it’s gold. The Album becomes a testament to a moment, an honest feel for the bands sound, as if you were watching them at a concert. It gives the record an energy and drive that cannot be created through tracking.

This is the nature of the mantle that Geoff Ereth and his band Brigg Fair have taken upon themselves. A challenge that they have well met through both their performance and the location in which they recorded- the sanctuary of an old church, whose high ceilings allow for beautiful organic reverberation and a light pulsing echo.

Brigg Fair – You Know Who You Are

’Brigg Fair – Brigg Fair – 01 You Know Who You Are.mp3′

Set to release in March 2012, Brigg Fair’s full length debut is a blend of soft rock and power pop that truly has something to say. “How’d you like to make some money? How’d you like to kill yourself for change?” Continue reading

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[New] Michael Kiwanuka- Home Again

British singer/songriter Michael Kiwanuka is a fresh cup of coffee for a world of drowsy, early morning, soul music. Michael comes equipped with melodic guitars, light percussion, and a voice that’s somewhere between Otis Redding, Miles Davis, Bill Withers, and Robert Pattinson. The title track of his new CD, “Home Again”, is an introspective take on the comfort and safety of home, and how you long for it when you’re away.

Home again, Michael’s new album, will be out on March 26th 2012 on Mumford & Sons‘ Communion label. Pre-orders are available.

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[Fresh] Broken Bells – The High Road

The talented producer Danger Mouse, responsible for half of Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz’s “Demon Days” and Beck’s “Modern Guilt” recently teamed up with Shins frontman James Mercer to create a rich fusion between the electronica and soft rock. Settling on the name Broken Bells, they just released ‘The High Road’, a single from their self-titled debut album coming out March 9th.

A kind bluesy song that paired with a chorus in the backgrounds, makes it sound larger than life itself. I cant wait for all the great music coming 2010.

Broken Bells – The High Road

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The Perfect Album for a Mellow Christmas in 2009! + FREE Giveaway for 3 Music Ninja Readers


Its here! The 2009 Music Playlist for Christmas! Now I wish I could take credit for this awesome compilation of chill songs but it was really the guys from Indiecater Records that made this possible!

After their success with their first Christmas album last year, they decided to step it up a notch and improve their selection for 2009. Most of the songs on this collection were written especially for the occasion and even includes bands we had previously covered like Adam and Darcie

You can stream the songs or buy it off their website.

And what is Christmas without giving presents!? We Love each an every one of our readers! and to show how much we care we will be having a lot of contests & giveaways throughout December. If you like these songs and would like to recieve a FREE copy heres what you have to do!

Very Simple.
1) Comment below with your real name and email address (just so we can contact you!)
2) Join our Facebook page and wish us a Happy Christmas! on our Wall 🙂
AND (optional if you want to be counted twice, increasing your winning chances)
3) Follow us on Twitter and tweet “Hook me up with The Perfect Album for a Mellow Christmas in 2009 @themusicninja http://bit.ly/7Ep7LB”

And thats it! We will select 3 people at RANDOM this Friday 11th and you will recieve your free digital copy by email!

1) The Garlands – Christmas Song (Carving Ice Sculptures In Stockholm)
2) Candy Claws – Snowdrift Wish (Writing Gift Lists In Fort Collins)
3) Loxsly – Mrs. Kris Kringle (Overdoing The Outdoor Lights In Austin)
4) Adam and Darcie – It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (Calling Round To Neighbours In Provo)
5) Allo Darlin’ – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Buying More Stamps In London)
6) Woodpigeon – Little Nemo (Winter Lullabye) (Making Festive Mixtapes In Calgary)
7) Boca Chica – Snow Angels (Humming Stop The Cavalry In Pittsburgh)
8 ) Oldfolks Home – We Don’t Cry At Christmas (Suffering Indigestion In Winnipeg)
9) Betty & The Cavaleros – Hey! I’m Your Gift Today (Googling Eggnog In Fredrikstad)
10) Standard Fare – Tinsel Politics (Taping Good TV In Sheffield)

’Standard Fare – Tinsel Politics.mp3′

11) Sunset – New York Love (Making Snow Angels In Austin)
12) I Hate You Just Kidding – It’s Fun To Do Bad Things (Cleaning The Chimney In Costa Mesa)
13) Sweet Jane – Silent Night (Downing Hot Toddy’s In Dublin)


I made a list of all the people that participated in the contest (and added your name twice if you tweeted ) and thanks to RANDOM.ORG, it randomized the order of my original list. I simply chose the TOP 3! If you are gonna blame anyone blame the random website!! lol The winners are Michelle Dillman, Gustavo Bernal and Lydia Simmons and should be receiving their digital copies via email. Thanks to everyone that participated and be sure to check back with us soon as we have another GIVEAWAY/CONTEST planned for next week.

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