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[Dubstep] Alvin Risk – Skyclad

It’s been quite awhile since Alvin Risk has blessed us with an original mix of his own. With “Skyclad,” he assures us that it was well worth the wait. “Skyclad” is a dichotomy of sorts, a song of epic proportions with two drastically different sides representing the same coin. This may sound lame, but envision the song as a heated battle in Dragonball Z for just a second.

The minute and a half build up would represent the training and preparation needed for the huge duel. Once you hit the break though, you’re nose diving into the heart of battle, and all hell breaks loose. Risk pretty much removes all bars from there until about two and a half minutes in when the song calms down again for just a moment. That would be the period when Goku prepares his finishing move and then proceeds to unleash his entire strength on the baddie, finally ending the fight. I now expect any future fan videos to provide credit to me for bringing up the idea. Honestly, you could imagine almost any heroic scenario there, but the point is that Risk is able to create an atmosphere unlike anything else with his music. If you want to relive that fight again, I’d suggest purchasing the track, available now on iTunes.

’SKYCLAD – Alvin Risk’
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[Dubstep] Fun. feat. Janelle Monae – We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix Part II)

Just when I thought this track couldn’t get any better Alvin Risk throws down a Dubstep anthem. The first remix Alvin did doesn’t even hold a candle to this one starting off with a little vocal editing mixed with massive melodic synths that hit at all the right times. The drop is just incredibly massive allowing me to fall in love with “We Are Young” all over again. Featuring flawless vocal splicing with laser infused wobbles that are sure to melt you right into your chair. Today has been an incredible day for music and Alvin Risk decided to drop one of the biggest tracks so far. Please try not to rage too hard, I know it’s tempting with us just pumping out banger after banger. Cheers.

’Fun. Ft Janelle Monae – We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix Part II)’
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