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[House] Andy Sherman – Swagga

Andy Sherman

We’re big fans of Shermanaology. When we saw that Andy Sherman, the male half of the duo came out with a single through Confession, we were pumped. The song goes by “Swagga” and it’s got a whole lot of it. Dark and funky, this is just the quirky tune house heads have been aching for.

From the get go you realize you’re in for something a bit different. Andy gets things started in a hurry, throwing you into the mix of a saucy bassline, filling out the composition with some crispy percussive work that adds to the overall groove – and craze – of the track. It’s the perfect mix of what Confession puts out with Andy’s unique taste. Spring is here and people are bringing out their best for Summer shows, but this may be one of the most iconic tunes yet. Check it out today and grab a copy for yourself from digital stores.

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