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[Future] Robokid – Luv Me Harder

Luv Me Harder

Moving Castle member Robokid just offered up a delightfully delicate track via Nest HQ in the form of a “Love Me Harder” remix. He takes the Ariana Grande and Weeknd tune into the stratosphere by shooting it into hyper speed with pitched up vocals, textbook breaks, and ethereal synths that have become staples within his forward thinking production style. It’s always exciting when a new Moving Castle release is finally available for our anxious eardrums, and Robokid has defined himself as a prominent member of the collective. “Luv Me Harder” sustains his strong push into expanded popularity within the online realm and beyond, which begs the question (concerning his consistent nature): Is he human or is he robot? Either way, we are big fans of what he has accomplished. Snag the free download via ToneDen!

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[Electronic] Ariana Grande ft. Cashmere Cat – Be My Baby (EASY GIRL REMIX)

Ariana Grande ft. Cashmere Cat
Be My Baby (EASY GIRL REMIX) Waxhole Exclusive

This song is about to be all over the blogosphere (and rightfully so), but I feel like I needed to be the Ninja to post this, as I’ve been following Easy Girl for years. The Angeleno producer has been in the remix game for quite some time, taking on industry favorites like Grimes, R Kelly, and TMN favorite Ellie Goulding. He has showcased his own brand of futuristic remixes in the past with a signature style of revamped percussion lines and vocal chops, but it seems to us like he’s onto something new. By taking on not only Ariana Grandbae, but her Cashmere Cat-produced single off her new album, Easy Girl is clearly trying to make a serious name for himself by taking on some great new challenges. Like most of his remixes, there’s certainly no shortage of reproduced synth lines to be found here, but it is a certified Easy Girl classic and something we’ll remember him by as he continues his meteoric rise to stardom.

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