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[Indie/Hip-Hop] Ash Riser – Ghosts LP

If there was only one project you could listen to all week, make it Ghosts by Ash Riser. For one, it’s packed with seventeen tracks, so you’re sure to get your fill, along with some variety. Secondly, it’s an extraordinary project that only Ash has the ability to put together.

As you might guess from an album called Ghosts, the mood overall is quite haunting and dark. Ash has already established himself as a unique creator, but with this LP he cements an undeniable pillar deep in the ground and high in the air for everyone to see that he is a must know artist. He kicks up some hip-hop, but his indie sound doesn’t hold him to any one genre throughout the project. Ghosts isn’t something that should really be analyzed as it speaks for itself in a way that is unrivaled. If you’d like a copy, hit up the digital service of your choice to get it.

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[Hip-Hop] Ash Riser – Lord Don’t Fail Me Now feat. Left Brain

Ash Riser
Lord Don't Fail Me Now Ft. Left Brain

We’re absolutely pumped for what Ash Riser has on the horizon. We’re also pumped for what he already has released, being the single “Lord Don’t Fail Me Now” off his upcoming LP. The single sees Ash collaborating with Left Brain for a dark rap treasure.

Ash Riser has been honing in his style and it’s one that we have fallen in love with. His ominous energy is unlike anything else and this single exemplifies the mood to a tee. Vicious beats and scorching rhymes is all we have to say about this one, it speaks for itself. The single also has a cool music video you should check out if you dig the song. Although the full album isn’t out yet, “Lord Don’t Fail Me Now” is currently available on digital platforms if you would like to get a copy.

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[Hip-Hop] Ash Riser – Smile, Wave & Laugh

Ash Riser
Smile, Wave & Laugh (prod. Tae Beast)

Ash Riser is not one of those emcees who is just in it for the glory. He’s here to respect the art of rap in the long term, and has continuously put out dope records, including his latest “Smile, Wave & Laugh.”

The Los Angeles poet pushed out this free download earlier in the week. Produced by Tae Beast, “Smile, Laugh & Wave” is the admission of Ash’s attitude towards the entertainment industry dynamics that, more often than not, develop fake interests and two-faced individuals. Politics is everywhere, and the music industry is certainly not exempt, especially in the bright lights and sunshine of Southern California. That hasn’t stopped Ash, whose multi-faceted career has put him in front of thousands of industry figures in multiple domains. Through it all he’s kept his grind, his grit, and his artistry.

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