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[Pop] Imad Royal – Bad 4 U

Imad Royal
Bad 4 U

Every time Imad Royal releases a song, the ninjas are ready with open ears. As an artist he has developed like few others, originally making trapstyle beats and now being a full-blown hybrid, pop master. He pays homage to the underground, yet most of his songs aren’t that far off, if at all, from radio hits.

Now, he adds another memorable single to his amazing catalog with “Bad 4 U.” Each time out, his take on pop is extraordinary. He has his own style, yet it’s not just the same thing every time. With “Bad 4 U,” he has an alluring, catchy instrumental that lays the basis for a record that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. The vocals on this track are tremendous, which, at this point, should be no surprise coming from Imad. It’s tough to say that a song may be an artist’s best one when the artist is as good as Imad Royal, but with this single he may indeed have a new reigning song. “Bad 4 U” is currently available thanks to Nice Life Recordings, so hit up iTunes to get the single.

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