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[TMN Premiere] Sorcha Richardson – Petrol Station

Sorcha Richardson
Petrol Station

After making a name for herself among folk fans with two gorgeous EPs, singer/songwriter Sorcha Richardson has shifted gears bringing her flawless vocals to smooth electronic production. She first experimented with this new direction early in her career as part of Con Vosa collaboration with New Jersey hip-hop duo Fortunate Ones, and we’re really excited to be bringing you the premiere of Richardson’s latest exploration. On “Petrol Station,” the Irish-bred, Brooklyn-based songstress glides over a hazy, minimal electronic backdrop, courtesy Baile, which allows the depth of her lyricism to shine. As the percussion and energy rise, Richardson’s vocals step up to match the intensity adding a new layer of emotion and texture to her vivid storytelling.

Even though the contributing instrumental elements are a far cry from Sorcha Richardson’s acoustic Last Train EP, her voice stays true to her soulful, folky roots making for a genuine and compelling sound. We’ll definitely be looking out for more from Richardson soon but, in the meantime, get lost in this dreamy track above.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2014 Round #1)



Most things in our lives don’t just happen if we all sit around and wait for them. Sometimes, we’ve got to get up off our asses and give it all we got. Sure the grind is exhausting, but if you really want something, the only way you’re gonna get it is to go out and get it. Unless all you want is a simple playlist for your listening enjoyment that is. In that case, don’t you dare lift a finger. Well, lift one finger….but only to press play.

’Joel Baker – Every Vessel Every Vein’
’Sarafyn – Take To The Skies’
’Frett – Porcelain’
’L A Y L A – Smokestacks’
’Cosmos Sheldrake – The Fly’
’Daughter – Love (BAILE Remix)’


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