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[Music Video] Stalgia – Bdy

Our friends over at Crooked Paintings have a ton of great stuff going on. One of their acts, Stalgia, is a big part of that. The group’s latest single “Bdy” was released back in November, but February has seen the unveiling of a fantastic music video.

“Bdy” is easily one of our favorite music videos. It’s visually striking with a concept that is down to Earth. A lot of music videos nowadays can be quite perplexing and it’s their provocative nature that shakes things up in the viewer, but with Stalgia’s video we get a captivating set of images that doesn’t prey on listeners with shock. It’s a simple, artistic video to go along with a song that is just as beautiful as its counterpart. View the video below and if you haven’t copped the single, head over to iTunes to add it to your library.

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