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[Multi-Genre] Tiigers – Belial/Takedown

The Italian duo Tiigers recently dropped two heaters through MA Music. Their ferocious A/B side project is good step in the right direction and happens to be one their debut EP. Coming off a free download a couple months ago, this is the duo’s first official release.

“Belial” comes in as the A-side track, pushing forth a hybrid bass sound mixing trap with heavier elements of dubstep. It really showcases where Tiigers can go with their sound. “Takedown” shifts the sound a bit to the house realm, delivering an electro single. Although the song takes you through another sound, it centers upon the electro style that brought so many into dance music. Stream both today and grab a copy of the EP from digital stores.

’Tiigers – Belial’
’Tiigers – Takedown’
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[Dubstep] Sam Lamar – Belial

Sam Lamar

Dubstep never died, but it certainly wasn’t as hype as it once was. If you’ve been checking out the bass scene lately, you know it’s making a comeback. Here to add to the lot of new records fitting that sound is Sam Lamar, whose new single “Belial” was released on WOLV Records.

Sam brings those deep guttural growls that every bass lover desires. Before we get to the heavy bass though, Sam put together an uplifting introduction that really sets the tone perfect before the drop. With the juxtaposing sounds, once the bass comes in it’s augmented. “Belial” reminds me of some of the best records from great producers like Spag Heddy and EH!DE who have been pushing the genre, in particular this style, for years. Sam Lamar shows he’s someone who can play with the big dogs. This is his first song, so that has us pretty excited for the future. “Belial” is now available for purchase on Beatport, so if you like it, we suggest you grab it and stay tuned for what this Montreal producer has coming next.

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