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[House] KREAM – Decisions (feat. Maia Wright)

Decisions (feat. Maia Wright)

The Slettebakken brothers KREAM made a whole lot of great decisions when creating their latest record. “Decisions” with the ever so talented Maia Wright. Together they designed a certain hit that has been released by Big Beat Records.

“Decisions” isn’t shy, it gets going in a hurry. Maia Wright’s vocal is just a black hole of beautiful tones pulling you in. KREAM’s bubbly production bounces between various styles with the introduction being much more poppy and vibrant, while in the breakdown we get a trappy R&B cut. With the main meat of course we get the perfect blend of house. It all plays together extremely well for another jam from KREAM.

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[Music Video] Lucas & Steve x Brandy – I Could Be Wrong

I could be wrong, but if you’re around our ages (pretty much, millennials here in the dojo), then you remember Brandy. The esteemed Grammy winning singer and brother of Ray J has had an amazing career in the mainstream world, but now she’s jumped into dance music via a feature on “I Could Be Wrong” by Lucas & Steve.

The Netherlands duo landed a big one with “I Could Be Wrong” on Spinnin’ Records & Big Beat. The progressive laced record is a Summer time house jam that will give you some nostalgia. Not only has the song come, but a music video as well. It’s a fun, playful visual that toys with California cliches – the beach, skateboarding etc. – in a way that is simple, yet engaging. It has us wanting to dance in the sand underneath the California sunshine.

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[Deep House] Kyle Watson – Moments

Kyle Watson

Big Beat Records put out a cool jam from Kyle Watson recently called “Moments.” The South African artist makes his original debut on the label that he has already been a part of by way of official remixes. With this single, Kyle was able to give deep house an atmospheric side, while still keeping in place the groove that makes deep house so enjoyable. “Moments” feels a bit shadowed, but there’s something warm and enticing about it at the same time. This mix of emotions is partly why I think this record is so emotionally powerful. “Moments” has quickly become a go-to record in our book, and it’s good for numerous occasions. Grab the single through iTunes, get some headphones and throw this on repeat for a bit. It will make for a beautifully relaxing Wednesday night.

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Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud – Squirm [TMN Premiere]

Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud

Two of electro house’s best have come together for one slimy premiere from us ninjas. Charlie Darker and Far Too Loud provide “Squirm,” a dirty record that exquisitely balances the two producer’s sounds together. This title single is a part of a two track EP that will be released by Big Beat Records on November 6th.

Sound design is a key element for both CD and FTL, which is blatantly obvious in “Squirm.” From a snails-esque bass, to the gargling synth line, this single has some of the most enticing samples in the game. Electro house is making a comeback, thanks to several acts, but these two producers have been steadily holding the reigns for a long time now. Not only have these two provided an early listen to the entire title track, they have an EP trailer where you get to check out the other single “Nail Gun.”

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CID Signs To Big Beat & Releases New Single, “Love Is Blind” [TMN Premiere]

Love Is Blind (Radio Edit)

The New York Grammy winning producer CID, who has been on tour with Kaskade, recently signed to Big Beat/Atlantic Records. As if that Music Ninja exclusive announcement wasn’t enough, he brings an original single along with it called “Love Is Blind.” This bubbly deep house record is a collaboration with Glenna that just released today.

“Love Is Blind” starts off with the monumental vocal that spearheads the introduction. Subtle percussion and a synth background build up into a climactic release into the groovy drop. He uses a wubby stab synth as the main melodic phrase, but he fills out the rest of the spectrum with various sounds, including bringing the vocal back for dancers to sing along to. Both clubs and festivals are going to be rocked by “Love Is Blind,” which is one of our favorite CID tracks to date. Press play, and expect some more big releases from him soon on Big Beat! If you would like to add the song to your Spotify, then you can do so below.

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[Moombahton] Kranium Ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Nobody Has To Know (KickRaux Remix)

Kranium Ft. Ty Dolla $ign
Nobody Has To Know (KickRaux Remix)

Anytime KickRaux releases something, it’s gold. The dude’s behind a bunch of grade A records including a colossal remix of “Sad Machine” with the EthniKids. Secret ninja knowledge, check his Facebook for what’s missing on his Soundcloud. He’s had releases with Interscope, Atlantic, Motown along with Mad Decent, and he’s returning to Big Beat Records with an official remix for “Nobody Has To Know,” originally by Kranium and Ty Dolla $ign.

The original reggae/dancehall version garnered over five million plays on Soundcloud, and was just asking for a quality makeover from a talented producer. KickRaux came to the call and brought a ton of more groove to the table with his moombah tone. Sass and class are mixed in perfect harmony in the newly formed “Nobody Has To Know.” Want to support the remix? Grab a copy on iTunes.

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[Electronic Pop] Pennybirdrabbit – Safer EP Review + “Run” Music Video

Los Angleles based pop-songstress Pennybirdrabbit first crashed into mainstream consciousness through a number of vocal features on tracks from the likes of her friends Skrillex, The M Machine and countless other producers for the past few years. Although many casual listeners are familiar with P.B.R. as a featured vocalist with the smattering of guest spots, our favorite lost-boy alien princess hasn’t neglected her solo project in the slightest. First, in 2012, Penny’s debut extended-play Treehouse took us all by surprise, showcasing an intrinsic ability to pair a powerfully soaring, yet girlish coo with a sample of differing instrumentation. Now, in 2013,  this latest collection of songs conjoin to create the Safer EP (out now on Big Beat Records) which was another step forward in the young artist’s evolution, again covering a wide range of production styles, but in a much cleaner and polished package.

Whereas Treehouse felt like a talented bedroom recording, every track contained within Safer comes across as if it was backed by a complete professional studio; and on that note, a group of sound engineers with a collective intent to bring out the most of those vibrant, rangey windpipes. “Dumbutton” leads the way, and immediately had my attention in no less than two bars. With a hooky synth line punctuated by a galloping, hollow drum kick, “Dumbutton” had piqued my interest without the use of Ms. Penny at all. Safe to say, once the tiny-teen heartthrob soundly makes her appearance, “Dumbutton” evolves into an emotive and pensive slow burning pop ballad, setting the scene for the duration of Safer. 

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