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[Podcast] Music Ninja Radio – Episode 46 (Recap)

Music Ninja Radio
Episode 46

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm — Best Frequencies Forever. You can tune in here every Friday from 4-6PM PT / 7-9ET. 

Last Friday’s show marks the one year anniversary since we took our talents to the airwaves of BFF in San Francisco’s best kept secret(alley). From deep in the Mission District, through the port of a pirate ship, we’ve been bringing the best of the best to your ears – Best Frequencies Forever wasn’t voted ‘Best Radio Station‘ in the Bay Area for nothing!

With that in mind, now seems as good a time as any to start providing our fellow Ninja readers with a weekly recap of our show, Music Ninja Radio aka Dojo by the Bay. Curating the best releases each week, themed shows coinciding with specific artist releases, and a fair amount of throwbacks sprinkled throughout, Music Ninja Radio has something for everyone.

The full show’s playlist can be found on the website’s archive here.

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[Event Review] Mura Masa, NAO and Bonzai @ The Independent–SF, 5/12


’Mura Masa – …Girl’

I can remember pretty distinctly when my enchantment with Mura Masa’s music began—specifically the first time I heard “…Girl.” That piano-driven, trap-influenced beauty served as an ample intro to his intricate production style but it really only scratched the surface of what was to come. His 2014 debut album Soundtrack to a Death, a collection of dynamic beats, cemented his status as one of the most exciting electronic artists out–seamlessly fusing the enormity of trap percussion with fluttering instrumentation and chopped vocal samples.

While that first project captured the bloggers and electronic music enthusiasts, it was Mura Masa’s Someday Somewhere EP that, with the help of a diverse set of collaborators, catapulted his notoriety among casual fans and the biggest producers in the game alike. Since that release, he’s launched Anchor Point Records his own label that’s already brought us fantastic projects from Bonzai and Jadu Heart.

In San Francisco, it’s common to discover an artist on Soundcloud and find them on a show flier within a few months. In the case of Mura Masa, though, the wait for a live performance felt like an eternity—spanning almost three years. Having checked literally hundred of artists off of the must-see list in that time, it would be a massive understatement to say we were excited as we walked into The Independent to see the 20-year-old phenom’s SF debut alongside Bonzai and NAO. So, if you’re wondering why this article is so long it’s probably because we’ve been waiting for so long to write it. Continue reading

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[Electronic] Bonzai – Sleepy Hungry EP

There’s something personal about discovering music through your favorite artists–either via remixes, tweets, Soundcloud likes or official co-signs. In the case of Bonzai, it was wunderkind producer, Mura Masa, who introduced us. The Irish vocalist first popped up on Mura Masa’s debut album, Soundtrack To A Deathand subsequently became the first artist signed to his label, Anchor Point Records. Following up a strong 2015 debut EP in Royah and a more recent appearance on Mura Masa’s latest single, Bonzai dropped her sophomore EP last week and it’s quickly becoming one of our favorite projects of the year.

Backed by production from John Calvert, Royce Wood Junior, and Mura Masa, the Sleepy Hungry EP is a project built on jarring, yet well executed, juxtapositions between beautiful sonics and harsh, glitchy low-end elements. Bonzai’s versatile vocal chops are what truly reel in the chaos, adjusting flawlessly with every twist and turn. Her fearlessness in both songwriting and delivery helps bridge the gap between between alternative R&B and underground UK electronic music. “Daniel Gets It Wrong,” the opener, begins with a bright, fluttering signature Mura Masa progression before quickly dropping into a heavy, minimal UK-garage bass line–truly encapsulating what’s to come on the remainder of the project. While “No Rest” and “Kassi” follow that heavily contrasting feel of the intro, songs later in the EP like “Lights On” and “Where Are U Now” provide a breather with their gorgeous, addicting textures.

The avant-garde nature of the Sleepy Hungry EP demands that you truly immerse yourself as a listener: the mark of a truly unique piece of work. So, do yourself a favor and give this one a full listen from start to finish below. You can purchase a digital copy of the project over at iTunes now.

’Bonzai – Daniel Gets It Wrong’
’Bonzai – No Rest’
’Bonzai – Ravemeister’
’Bonzai – Stepping’
’Bonzai – Kassi’
’Bonzai – Faze’
’Bonzai – Lights On’
’Bonzai – Sick’em’
’Bonzai – Where Are U Now’
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