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[Electronic] Brasstracks – For Those Who Know Part 1

If for some reason you were restricted to listen to one EP this week, then you’d have to make it For Those Who Know by Brasstracks. This all-encompassing project has a mix of jazz, hip-hop and electronic that is blended to perfection. With a whole host of collaborators, this EP is just about as good as it gets with everyone making their mark on it.

Brasstracks divvy up some sounds from their roots in New York throughout the EP that totals in six songs including an intro and outro. Every participant brought their A-game with Brasstracks leading the charge with all-star production and instrumentation that will leave you breathless. Although they have a Grammy under their belt already, Brasstracks are only taking things up from there by improving on their sound and technique more and more as time progresses. This project is a testament to creativity, hard collaborative work and vision. You’d be making a mistake by not grabbing a copy of For Those Who Know Part 1. Safe to say, we’re looking forward to Part 2.

’Improv #1 (Intro) Ft. The Underachievers & Robert Glasper’
’Brownstone Ft. BXRBER’
’Those Who Know’
’When You Say That’
’Opposite Ways Ft. Fatherdude & S’natra’
’Improv #1 (Outro) Ft. Robert Glasper’
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[Electronic] Brasstracks – Those Who Know

Those Who Know

“Those Who Know” sees Brasstracks launch a new two-part project. The project will show different sides to Brasstracks’ talents by delivering a multitude of styles. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s focus in on what they just dropped because it’s incredible.

Groovy comes to mind for this one, but then again that can be said for a lot of Brasstracks songs. “Those Who Know” feels completely acoustic and has a vocal performance that is majestic. Ivan of Brasstracks is actually the one singing, making his debut in that arena. It looks as though the duo are pulling out all the stops for this upcoming project, so stay tuned for more. If you’d like to get a copy of the single right now, you may do so on digital platforms.

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[Future] Brasstracks – Say U Won’t

Say U Won't

There are so many great things to be said about Brasstracks, so it’s easy to sound like a broken record, but their consistency continues to speak for itself on “Say U Won’t,” the first taste of their upcoming EP. In the vein of Gramatik and GRiZ, this duo epitomizes the seamless harmonization of analog and digital with bright horns and snappy drumming that coalesce with adept production into an unparalleled invention all their own.

From covering Drake to crafting an unforgettable remix of Gallant, Brasstracks have found a lane where they’ve jumped from 0-100. Real quick. The comparisons to Chance The Rapper’s Social Experiment are undeniable, which begs the question: When will they work together? Our hope is very soon, because “Say U Won’t” and the entirety of Brasstracks’ discography have manifested into a crucial collection that shows no signs of stoppage in growth and appeal. The biggest draws to their music are a simple. It’s fun. It’s upbeat. It makes you smile. Considering the gravity of recent events and the frequency they’ve been occurring, that might just be exactly what we need right now.

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[Future] Sam Gellaitry – Waiting So Long (CRNKN Remix)

Sam Gellaitry
Waiting So Long (CRNKN Remix)

At the ripe age of 22, future producer CRNKN has become the torch-bearer of musical relevance for his home state of New Hampshire. Championing Northeast vibes from his new home in Los Angeles, CRNKN has put together quite an impressive track record thus far, earning him spots in the Northern Nights and Shambhala Music Festivals later this summer.

CRNKN has made a name for himself relatively quickly by releasing unique, aesthetically diverse remixes of popular songs by Alesso, Purity Ring, Major Lazer, and Banks.

This morning, CRNKN released a remix of fellow up-and-comer Sam Gellaitry’s song “Waiting So Long”, the latest attempt at pioneering his unique sounds among an increasingly talented new wave of musicians. It’s a unique take on Sam Gellaitry’s original; complete with a heavy synth-ensemble, toned-down trumpet sequences, and timely bass looped over the playful vocals–reminiscent of recent works by Brasstracks. Enjoy a taste of the future above and grab a free download if you’re feeling it.

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[Future] UV boi فوق بنفسجي – LUV (feat. Fionn Richards & Brasstracks)

UV boi فوق بنفسجي
UV boi فوق بنفسجي ~ LUV (feat. Fionn Richards & Brasstracks)

Next month, UV boi will begin his Australia tour, which will include seven shows all throughout the land down under. Along with the announcement of the tour, UV boi released a fresh free download called “LUV” that features both Fionn Richards and Brasstracks.

The vocal feels like an old-school serenade, and the instrumental almost has a live band feel, as acoustic sounds were largely used by the Brisbane beatsmith. Nothing can be wrong with “LUV” in the air, as it is the perfect balance of stylistic influences that you just have to hear. UV boi continues to toss out A grade records, and more are on the way. If you’re free, and in the area, do not miss one of his shows where you may just get to peep unreleased works.

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[Groove] Mark Johns – 5 South (Prod. Alexander Lewis) ft. Brasstracks

Mark Johns
5 South (Prod. Alexander Lewis) Ft. Brasstracks

Mark Johns is slowly gaining recognition with her sultry vocals, and the latest song she’s penned enlists the talents of Alexander Lewis and Brasstracks for a powerhouse of a Candid Music Group production team. Juggling a little deep house groove, this new song is quite the switch up from “In Paris.” It continues to showcase her range as a prime vocalist for the constantly evolving futuristic approach to music that’s gradually becoming a staple, especially in the SoundCloud community. It was rather nice of her to give US a present for her 21st birthday, and “5 South” delivers splendidly with the bright horns of the Brasstracks crew and the wavy craftsmanship of Alexander Lewis. Don’t miss out on the free download and be ready to see quite a bit more Mark Johns in the future!

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