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[Trap] Fight Night – Call Me Back

Fight Night
Call Me Back

Fight Night, the self-proclaimed punks from the DMV, have brought forth an original single that many of us can relate to. Most people, if not everybody, have been in a position where the person you are admiring just doesn’t feel the same way back. Sometimes, that results in a blocked number, like stated in “Call Me Back,” but hopefully you don’t reach that point. The good thing about those feelings, is they conjured up the Fight Night boys to create this amazing original work. “Call Me Back” is unique in the sense that it gets the feels going, thanks to its vocal, however it’s not on the lighter side of trap that has future undertones or the “heaven trap” label. With the drop, we get get a strong bassline that will get stuck in your head just as easily as the lyrics will. Fight Night did an incredible job putting together this original that is only the second track on the duo’s Soundcloud at the moment. Listen via our stream, and grab the free download if you like what you hear.

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