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[House] Dj Licious Ft. Georgie Liz – Eyes On Fire

Dj Licious Ft. Georgie Liz
Eyes On Fire (Extended Mix) [OUT NOW]

“Eyes On Fire” has everything a good song needs. Dj Licious delivered quite a fun house record with the resulting tune from the Belgian teaming up with Georgie Liz. Can You Feel It Records jumped on this track for release last week as this gem is something to behold. A minimal, Miami-style vibe takes hold of this composition, whose melodies grab the listener’s attention and body. The rest, well, you know what happens when good house music gets played. The fans react, and they react with grooving bodies and smiling faces. As a bonus, the original was released with a remix, so after you check out the OG version, head over to iTunes for a purchase of this track and a preview of the Tiger Mountain remix.

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[House] Funkerman Feat. J.W. – Foolish Game

Funkerman Feat. J.W.
Foolish Game (Radio Edit)

Founder of Flamingo Recordings and Can You Feel It Records, the label releasing “Foolish Game,” Funkerman comes with a new single that features the vocalist J.W. “Foolish Game” comes as an original mix and a radio edit, both being available for purchase on iTunes. J.W. plays a large role in this track, with vocals being a central ingredient throughout the entirety of the song. Singing atop Funkerman’s ripe melodies and playful percussion, the singer has quite the base to start with. Funkerman is no stranger to making great house music, which is just what we have here. Don’t be a fool; have a listen, and grab a copy.

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[Deep House] Beauriche – Hope (Original Mix)

Hope (Original Mix) [Out Now]

“Hope” comes straight out of the Netherlands thanks to the producer Beauriche. His tech friendly groove machine of an original song is five and a half minutes of cool. House with a classic vibe is what you get from “Hope.” Can You Feel It Records released this on March 9th, so it is currently purchasable. If you’re a fan deep, or tech, chances are you’re going to want to buy it, too. It’s a solid minimal piece that clubs DJs would love to get their hands on. Don’t be surprised if this gets played out into Summer vacation. This year Beauriche is making a big push, so expect even more out of him soon.

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