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[Singer/Songwriter Pop] Quinton Cochran – In Your Eyes

Earlier this year, I discovered talented young popster Quinton Cochran. At only 18 years old, his vocal talents and song-writing finesse will be sure to put him in line to be then next big teen pop star hailing from Canada. Anyone who loves romantic singer-songwriter pop will definitely appreciate this find!

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[Progressive House] Benji ft. Sherry St. Germain – Steel Eyes (Original Mix)


No offense to Canadians, but I rarely hear anything EDM newsworthy coming from that side of the continent. Benji changes all of that. His new track “Steel Eyes” takes some of my favorite musical elements—sexy female vocals, a sweeping acoustic guitar, pumped up synths—and skillfully crafts them into an ethereal euphonic track. The level of quality production on this progressive house banger sets the bar high. “Steel Eyes” leaves me wanting to hear more of what Benji has to offer, and I’m sure he won’t disappoint.

“Steel Eyes” was released by Musical Freedom Recs. on 07/09 and can be purchased here.

’Benji ft. Sherry St. Germain – Steel Eyes (Original Mix)’
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Electronic Vibes from Canada: DEEBS

Upcoming producer/DJ “Deebs” has completely won me over with his off the wall remix of Walking with a Ghost. It has only been about a year since he started producing electro music and he has already become a party favorite in his home town Guelph, Ontario. He also recently released another remix “Pick Up The Slack” from the Golden Gloves that is much more synthetic and with a higher level of trippiness. I am also posting a fun song Deebs remixed with the begining lyrics “Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy” of Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen. I always love when people bring back the classics. You can check out Deebs myspace for more electronic songs.

Walking With A Ghost (Deebs Remix)

’Walking With A Ghost(Deebs Remix)’

Golden Gloves – Pick Up The Slack (Deebs Remix)

’Golden Gloves – Pick Up The Slack (Deebs Remix)’

Queen – The Real Life (Deebs Remix)

’Queen – The Real Life (Deebs Remix)’
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