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[Trap] QUIX X Bishu – Skin To Skin (feat. Cappa)

QUIX X Bishu
Skin To Skin (feat. Cappa)

“Skin To Skin” is the newest song from the New Zealand producer QUIX. Although he comes first, both Bishu and vocalist Cappa helped tremendously to make this song what it is. Released on Dim Mak, “Skin To Skin” is currently available for purchase on digital stores and trust us, you’re going to want it.

Popularity isn’t the main thing to look at when something has come out, but it can be a good indicator. In just four days “Skin To Skin” has accumulated over 120,000 plays on the dwindling Soundcloud. People, including us, just can’t get enough of this dirty trap original. It’s not even close to average in any way, shape or form. QUIX and company manage to have created something that stands out with a hybrid sound that will sweep you off your feet. Get your copy and make sure to share this one with your friends.

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[Pop] CAPPA – Hush


It’s nice to see there been a shift in pop music as of late. It may not be easy to spot, but artists like CAPPA and Phoebe Ryan truly are redefining what the genre is all about. Cappa had this to say about her new single “Hush”:

I want people to feel like they can escape everyday life,” CAPPA says. “I think that’s what we’re all looking for when we’re listening to music, and I hope that listeners can do that with mine.

She certainly succeeded on her goal by gracing the ethereal instrumental with her bright voice and undeniable star quality. This “transformative pop” movement needs to continue and push its way to the forefront, and we’re looking to artists like CAPPA to supply the stellar material and foundation for this to happen.

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