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Warden feat. Sisterwife – Carpe the DM’s [TMN Video Premiere]

Today we have something straight out of left field for you. “Carpe the DM’s” by Warden and Sisterwife is here in both audio and visual formats. Both have a wacky tone that just isn’t for everybody, but when you just let loose and enjoy them, they’re entertaining as can be.

The video parodies a few different things and is akin to the humor pushed by Tim & Eric. If you like the outrageous, then “Carpe the DM’s” is right up your alley like it is ours. The song is a masterful bass track that shares the videos quirkiness. Together they’re a project unparalleled by most and we have the honor of sharing them with you first in this premiere! If you like what you are hearing, go ahead and pre-order the single from iTunes.

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