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Cazzette – Run Run (feat. Morgan Bosman) [TMN Premiere]

Cazzette- Run Run (feat. Morgan Bosman)

We’re getting Friday going with a big first listen from Cazzette via PRMD. In collaboration with Morgan Bosman, “Run Run” is getting premiered right here in the dojo. Get your dancing shoes on for this one, this one doesn’t shy away from being groovy.

Cazzette went all out with this progressive original, pushing forth a composition whose intricacies are patched together to perfection. Getting Morgan on board for vocal duties was a tremendous pick, as the performance is magnificent. Every little detail strengthens the others for a full package whose replay value is grand. With all the Summer activities coming up, you’re going to want to add this one to your playlists like we have!

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Cazzette Talk the EDM Movement, Finding Artistic Freedom and their Upcoming EP [TMN Exclusive Interview + BTS Video Premiere]

Together (Till The Morning) Feat. Newtimers

I can still remember vividly hearing my first Skrillex song in a hazy dorm room about five years ago–it was around the same time that “EDM,” to some people’s chagrin, became an unstoppable force in mainstream music. For the college kids of that generation, like myself, it was an exciting moment hearing a completely new genre of mind-altering compositions. While frantically looking for all the EDM I could find, I stumbled across a Swedish duo by the name of Cazzette, who created an enormous dubstep remix of one of my favorite songs at the time, “Monster” by Kanye West.

As Cazzette rose to popularity, they signed with legendary manager Ash Pournouri, who’s best known for helping launch Avicii‘s career, and ended up supporting Avicii on his world tour when “Levels” was making him a household name. Just as with every new wave of music, though, EDM eventually hit a pinnacle of commercialization that began taking away from the artistry and originality that once made it so enticing. In the last five years or so, the term has become tied to a negative stigma–some detracting rationales more valid than others. Meanwhile, a number of the popular artists at the time’s music started sounding the same, with only few emerging from the EDM bubble with a distinguishable style.

Cazzette have seen EDM from its inception to its current, somewhat stagnant, state working to push their music forward exploring various soundscapes along the way. EDM’s legacy resonates, at least to some degree, in almost all genres today and electronic music, in general, is in an absolutely fantastic place thanks to the path it paved. In recent years, Cazzette have shown a determination to break free from classification and their upcoming EP, Desserts, sees the two escaping the constraints of EDM, instead focusing on pure grooves across sub-genres of electronic music. Artists are often at their best when they abandon genre restrictions and that’s exactly the crossroads where Cazzette stand now.

We were lucky enough to chat with Alex and Seb of Cazzette and it’s a fascinating, candid retrospective on the EDM movement as well as a powerful story about the artistic freedom displayed on their EP. Enjoy the interview below as well as the premiere of a behind the scenes video about the making of the track “State of Bliss” from the forthcoming project, which drops on August 14th on Spotify and August 28th on iTunes.

TMN: Can you tell us a bit about your first experiences with music—whether it be your parents playing you a record or the first time you tried an instrument.

Alex:  So for me, I’ve always been around music. I never played anything–like I never went to school for piano or anything like that but I think one of my earliest memories of music was being in the car with my dad and I remember we arrived to where we were going and I had to stay in the car because I had to keep listening to that Michael Jackson song “They Don’t Really Care About Us.” I think that’s like, well that wasn’t necessarily electronic music but that’s like one of my first memories of feeling like, music is so amazing, you know?

And then for electronic music I think, I must have been in high school and I went to this super lame disco and some techno song was playing and there were lasers and stuff. I was just really, like, hypnotized by that and after that I started DJ’ing and producing.

Seb: Yeah I think Michael Jackson was for everybody–for many kids in our generation, that was the shit. So that’s my first memory, but then how I got into electronic music was through my dad who always played me house music, trance music, like psych-trance, all this kind of weird stuff. And I think that’s how I got my interest in electronic music. it’s pretty much the same story for me as Alex, my dad introduced me to everything when it came to electronic music. And my mom also had really good taste–she listened more to like Prince and stuff like that.

TMN: When you guys first linked up, it was online, right? What drew you to each other’s styles?

Alex: Yeah, I think we found interest in each other’s music pretty early. We just started talking and sending demos back and forth. We’re a lot alike in the way that we didn’t really think about “Oh I do this genre, you do this genre”–you know like 2 separate genres. And then we started being influenced by each other. But this was more casual, you know, we were both like let’s just make music.

TMN: Can you talk a bit bout the landscape of electronic music back then? Because it was so different with EDM not quite being a full-blown movement yet.

Alex:  Yeah, it was very different. I mean now it feels like you know, every third person you meet is a DJ, right. And it’s a little bit different–I mean I remember watching videos of Axwell and Ingrosso and those guys, they were playing these shows and there were maybe 600 people there or something. Everyone was just going nuts and it was a completely different atmosphere. I’m not saying that it’s worse now, not at all. I think it’s great that it’s available for all these people because I think music should be available for everyone. So it’s awesome. But it’s just different, it was just more underground in a way.

Seb: For me it was very different at that time. I think electronic music was really more interesting back then. Everything was very new, changing all the time, always evolving. Now I don’t think it is as interesting any more, but it’s still good.

Alex: You know what differs the most? I think the arrangement of the songs, actually. Continue reading

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[Deep House] Cazzette – Together (Ft. Newtimers)

“Together” is the latest track from Cazzette, who teamed up with the fellow Swedes Newtimers. Out on Spotify now, this single is has the act flexing the deep house guns for another smash hit. Cazzette can’t be stopped, let’s face it. “Together” has a little more spunk than the usual deep track, meaning this one has a bit more energy behind it; yet, it doesn’t jump out at you and take away from the club-friendly vibe of the style. Many producers will use classic elements from genres and create something that is mediocre, whereas Cazzette took them, added some original flare and conjured up something special. Have a listen for yourself and enjoy the groove.

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[Electro] Cazzette vs. Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

Cazzette vs. Tomoyasu Hotei
Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

Fans of Quentin Tarantino and Cazzette are going to be in love with what the Stockholm act did to “Battle Without Honor Or Humanity.” You may recognize Tomoyasu Hotei’s original from the film Kill Bill Vol. 1. Now it has been updated into a French electro masterpiece that’s just as worthy of being in a blockbuster film. When producers think outside the box with song choice like this, the result is usually spectacular, and in the case of Cazzette, it is a smash. Rocking riffs and obese basslines work together to build a solid groove that permeates most of the song. This bootleg was dropped for free for fans before the upcoming single “Together,” which comes out through ICONS on May 29th.

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[Electro House] iSHi – Push It (Cazzette VS iSHi Remix)

Push It (Cazzette VS ISHi Remix)

“Push It” by iSHi and Pusha T was released on PRMD on April 20th. With the original comes a massive remix of the track from the Swedish producers Cazzette. Their acidic electro take is quickly becoming one of our favorite remixes. Not only do you get the high-octane electro madness, but with the second chorus cuts the beat time in half to deliver a trapped out ending to an energy draining dancefloor destroyer. If you want to turn things up at a party, or event, then this is your go to. Cazzette can manage chill works and party-poppin’ tunes, and they exceed at both. If you would like to get a copy of this remix, then you can head to iTunes to grab it.

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[Trap] James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Cazzette Bootleg)

James Blake
Limit To Your Love (Cazzette Bootleg)

Trap gets chilled by the Swedish act Cazzette who took “Limit To Your Love” and made one of the dopest remixes of the year. There’s just something about this production that wins on all levels.

First of all, starting with James Blake isn’t a bad place to begin, and Cazzette’s production prowess took things to the next, next level. Everything from the piano to the celestial chorus packs a punch that will make a lasting impression on listeners everywhere. For the ninjas, we’ve had it on repeat since we first came across it. Released as a free download, there’s no reason to stay away from this beautiful gem. Prior to this treasure, Cazzette recently released a string of other incredible remixes, so if you haven’t heard those either, you should head over to Soundcloud.

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[Post-Trap] Cazzette – Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)

Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)

Following the success of his last hit remix “Stay With Me”, Prince Fox has been on a roll with producing dope tunes. Coming out with yet another Cazzette remix, the NY-based producer is gaining popularity in an unbelievable pace. “Blind Heart”, similar to his “Sleepless” remix, exemplifies Prince Fox’s signature post-trap rendition to a rework and it gets your adrenaline going like no other. Featuring vocal samples from UK singer The High, he replaces the original house drop with an epic synthwave melody that is extremely catchy and addicting. The heavy hitting drums just further accentuates the post-trap approach of the tune.

With an eargasmic sound resembling Flume, Prince Fox is set to take over the genre with these eye-opening jams. You don’t want to miss out on any new features by the talented artist, so stay tuned!

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