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Kai Straw – Cherry Corvette [TMN Premiere]

Kai Straw is set to release his album very soon. Toothpick was incredible, but given the recent singles from GUN, we’re expecting an even better LP this time around. The last single has hit the web today and you’ll be hearing it first here in the dojo. Let’s take a ride in “Cherry Corvette” shall we?

One thing I particularly enjoy about a lot of Kai’s music is that it tells a story. “Cherry Corvette” paints a vibrant picture with its lyrics despite the general tone of the song being much more chill and mysterious. Kai delivers a tasteful single that will usher us into the Fall in style. You’d be mistaken to miss out on this one. “Cherry Corvette” is out today in full, so if you’d like a copy you can grab one now from digital stores or add it to your playlist!

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