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[Epic] Chris Loco ft. Raye – Ego

Chris Loco
Ego feat. Raye

You ever listen to a song and instantly go “woah this is amazing”? For us, this is one of those tracks. London-based producer Chris Loco has teamed up with singer/songwriter Raye for this epic track titled “Ego”, and it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful.

The slow and suspenseful trap beat is paired with Raye’s powerful vocals, which echoes throughout the whole song to create an ominous yet dramatic effect. A series of horn stabs and eerie distorted synths are used to further bring out the story behind the cinematic approach of the track. It’s almost like watching a movie that’s so good you feel like you’re living it.

The good news is that the official music video is coming out sooner than you think (shhh), and “Ego” is going to be one of four tracks under Loco’s upcoming See No Evil EP, set to be released this fall. We can’t wait for more dope songs/teasers to come from the mysterious producer.

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