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[Electronic] Christine – Atom From Heart LP

Back in October the world was given a super cool music video from Christine for the single “Drama.” Little did we know we were getting a glimpse into what a full album had in store. Released through Uprise Music, the Atom From Heart LP, is here in full.

With eleven songs in total, Atom From Heart is a big package. Fans of old school house and French electro are going to be going wild for this LP. Most of the tracks fit within those styles, bringing a nostalgic sound to a dance community that tends to stray from taking a peak at what history has to offer. With artists only looking at making a break with what is hype, it’s nice to hear someone paving their own way. Great tracks like “Error 218,” “Lipstick” and “Howling Wave” are the reason this LP is a standout project. Christine cooked up some major tunes, so run through the entire album without skipping a beat. Want to buy it? Hit up iTunes.

’Christine – Atom From Heart’
’Christine – Drama (feat. T La Rock)’
’Christine – Maniac’
’Christine – Error 218’
’Christine – Over The Top’
’Christine – Break A Leg’
’Christine – Lost Generation’
’Christine – Lipstick’
’Christine – Howling Wave’
’Christine – Loose’
’Christine – Drama (Instrumental)’
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[Music Video] Christine – Drama feat. T La Rock (Official Video)

Music and recap videos have steadily becoming stale in the dance music arena. Despite that, French artist Christine’s music video is anything but stale. The fresh feature for the single “Drama” featuring rap veteran T La Rock is both electrifying and nostalgic.

Although the video takes influenced from classic cop/detective films, the stylized tone of the video is completely new age. The mix goes nicely together, especially in conjunction with the melding of musical tastes, both old and new. We get a bit of the 80’s hip-hop vibe twisted in with the French electro sound. While Christine’s bustling beats are grooving along, your eyes get to enjoy a dancing detective whose moves are quite infectious. You may not bust out some break dance moves, but you surely will have the urge.

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