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Nine Inch Nails – Closer (Nick Evol Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Nine Inch Nails
Closer (Nick Evol Remix)

With festival season upon us, producers are bringing out the big remixes/edits. Most are aiming at current pop or R&B hits, but Nick Evol took a different approach with his remix. He brought back a classic from Nine Inch Nails and transformed it into an industrial electro delicacy.

The dark sound of the re-imagined “Closer” must have been inspired by the likes of Rezz, but Nick’s own sound is unique from his influences. He takes them a step further and in a different direction, capitalizing on his singularity instead of simply treating this as a knock-off remix. This is just the flip out of left field that we’ve been looking for and doing justice to NIN is not an easy thing, but Nick pulled this one off nicely. We’re happy to premiere it to you today, along with the opportunity for you to download it for free!

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Emma Jensen – Closer – (Rytmeklubben Remix) [TMN Premiere]

(Rytmeklubben Remix)

Emma Jensen‘s single “Closer” is closing in on five million streams on Spotify alone. As the track continues to grow, we’ve got a little something special to give you in honor of the original’s success. Today we premiere an official remix by Rytmeklubben of her smash hit.

“Closer” in its new form is an ethereal slow jam that makes heavy use of Emma’s vocal, which serves to be a strong point for the track. Instead of trying to overshadow her performance, the Norwegian group played off of her to the best of their ability with the result being an extraordinary flip. Released on Majestic Causual, this remix has all the ingredients to be a big hit just like the original. Enjoy your exclusive first listen today in the dojo.

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[House] The Chainsmokers – Closer ft. Halsey (Viceroy Remix)

The Chainsmokers
Closer ft. Halsey (Viceroy Remix)

Summer time’s favorite producer Viceroy is back with another amazing remix. We know, you don’t want to hear another damn flip of The Chainsmokers x Halsey’s “Closer.” We didn’t either. But, we did see Viceroy came out with one, and we had to let our guard down. We were not disappointed.

From the start we get hit with out of the box samples that bring us back to some of our favorite records, along with an intoxicating percussive groove. Pleasant piano chords and funky guitar riffs also contribute to the strong introduction that holds your attention without quivering. At no moment do you want to skip this one. The intro builds into the drop where Viceroy takes us on a bustling breakbeat ride that is simply magnificent. Viceroy has put out some of our favorite tracks, so it’s no surprise he swayed us on this “Closer” remix. Get it for free today!

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[Future/Trap] DEVAULT – Right With You / Closer EP

’Devault – Right With You’
’Devault – Closer’

DEVAULT has been absolutely destroying the remix game. Few up and coming producers can touch the stuff he has been putting out. With that said, we’ve been desiring some originals from him, and now we have not one, but two original works.

DEVAULT dropped two singles through Trap Nation that, for all intents and purposes, are an EP. The double single release is made up of “Right With You” and “Closer.” Each track shows off the producer’s prowess in the hybrid future game. Both singles share a familiar, glorious tone that feels larger than life. “Right With You” has a bit more groove and pop to it, making it a bit more accessible, but “Closer” is an undeniably powerful track. These two singles are a one, two punch knockout that has more force than you’d even expect from a talent like DEVAULT. Stream them now, and then when you’re done, head over to iTunes to get both records.

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