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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Interview – Tiësto

Icona Pop
I Love It (Tiësto's Club Life Remix)

In this day and age we’re constantly barraged with new musicians. Every digital corner we turn, tucked into every crevice of the internet, we find producer after producer who are doing impressive work. With that being said, there are few names that truly embody what EDM is and how it has came to be over the past decade. One of those names, a name that is a mainstay in both the EDM community and the pop community, is none other than Tiësto.

Dutch producer Tijs Michiel Verwest has been in the game longer than most, and has experienced far more success than most. Even beyond his accomplishments in the world of electronica, Tiësto has crossed over into the eyes and ears of the mainstream. His music engages both the nightlife crowd as well as your casual listener. With a list of accolades longer than have the patience to read, we’ll get right into our quick Q and A session with one of the biggest names in music.

TMN: First and foremost, it’s an honor to have a chance to ask you a couple of questions. We’ve been longtime fans, and we really appreciate a moment of your time. With that being said, let’s get down to business!

Let’s talk about your childhood. Your moniker is actually a variation of a childhood nickname, correct?

Tiësto: That’s correct, it’s a nickname based on my real name, which is Tijs.

TMN: What was your upbringing like in regards to music? Were you classically trained on piano? How many different instruments have you learned how to play throughout the years?

Tiësto: I do not play any instruments. What I do is create a melody on the keyboard and then fine tune it with computer software programs to make it perfect.

TMN: What about the early days as a DJ – what was The Spock like? What were your sets like way back then?

Tiësto: It was both amazing and terrifying. Of course I love music and so wanted a stage to spread the music I care about to other people. Still, just starting out and playing in front of a crowd those first times was nerve racking – especially in front of my home crowd!

TMN: What do you feel was the biggest influencing factor in your success from back in the mid to late 90’s?

Tiësto: Well it was really good timing. Trance and dance music was huge then plus I had a string of big releases. My remix of “Silence” by Delerium really brought me to international audiences and my album “Just Be” was enormous. Momentum kept building and building.

TMN: With so many chart topping tracks, it’s a little difficult to narrow down a few to talk about. However, we would like to know what some of your personal favorites are.

Tiësto: “Take Me” – because it sounds like the old Tiësto melodic sound but also is a more current new sound, similar to the records I am producing today.

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