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[Future Bass] Max Styler & Colt Matthews – Heartache (smle Remix)

Max Styler & Colt Matthews
Heartache (smle Remix)

The duo smle has been putting smiles on our faces ever since they launched a couple years back. Whether it’s with their originals or remixes, like their brand new one of “Heartache,” their work is always something we look forward to. Not only do we look forward, but we’re not disappointed once we have what we desire.

Max Styler and Colt Matthews’ single got flipped from its indie dance sound to a future-friendly one. It wasn’t too much of a leap given the style’s influence on the original, but smle made it their own in a huge way. We thought the original couldn’t get any better, but this one may take the cake. Whenever that discussion even comes up, you know you have a bangin’ remix on your hands. Leave it smle to rival the original, which they’ve done countless times. It’s no wonder they were picked for an official remix!

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