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[New Wave] Mirror Talk – Some Boys

Mirror Talk
Some Boys

We don’t know about you ninjas, but once that clock hits 5 pm on a Friday, we feel like we’re king of the world…at least until the weekend ends. There’s almost nothing better in the world than heading home on a Friday, with no more work to worry about, while listening to some great music.

If there was a song that perfectly described the feeling above, it would be Mirror Talk‘s new original, “Some Boys.” The track teleports you straight back into the 80s – boombox, mixtape,denim jacket and all – making you feel like you’re in The Breakfast Club throwing your fist in the air. “Some Boys” is the second release off of their forthcoming 1997 EP, and on the track, the LA-based quartet stays true to their synth-heavy, ballad-esque style. Frontman Court Alexander’s soulful croons shine through the powerful synth ballad and stunning melodic hook. 1997 is slated to be released on May 19th via Yellow Year Records, so be sure to check out Mirror Talk’s upcoming EP and check out “Some Boys” above!

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