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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 250)

Take a nice big deep breathe. We’re at our 250th volume of our Friday Party Playlist. Over the years it has been lead by various writers, each bring a host of free downloads each week to give you for the weekend. Now, I will admit, each week we’re paranoid we double counted a volume, or miscounted in some way, but regardless if that’s true or not, we’re celebrating 250 now with a bang! Usually we bring a dozen songs, but we’ve got a couple of extra goodies for you. This week works come from Ashdown, Phiilo, WHIPPED CREAM, CRAY, Varien, TWO OWLS, Apashe and more! Get them while they’re hot and have a great weekend.

’VNDL – Deserve It ft Kyle Goldstein’
’Ashdown – Looking Back’
’Phiilo – Keep On’
’Teknicolor – Tonga’
’TOBYNOH – Change (feat. Ovcoco With Steel)’
’Fabian Mazur – Sun Goes Down (ReauBeau Remix)’
’Rae Sremmurd – Swang (WHIPPED CREAM Re
’Tomboy (CRAY Remix)’
’Savoy x Bright Lights – The Wolf (Varien Remix)’
’DJ Susan – Sender (Original Mix)’
’ADTR – Have Faith In Me (TWO OWLS Remix)🦉🦉’
’Pierce – Ducati’
’Apashe – Day Dream Feat. Splitbreed (Krimer Remix)’
’Dodge & Fuski – Comeback (Apashe Remix)’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 244)

Friday, our favorite day of the week. It ushers in the weekend, the two days we look forward to every day from Monday through Thursday. Friday also marks the day we get to deliver all our favorite free downloads that we’ve been collecting. In this week’s edition we get some quality hits from the likes of Ashdown who starts things off, CRAY, Valentine, FIGHT CLVB (this one is extra hot), The Golden Pony, Bijou and many more. We were going to have Delta Heavy close things out with their energetic edit of Hans Zimmer, but we decided to give you something to ease the night away with a cool one from Marcus James. Enjoy all fourteen as you enter the weekend. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Ashdown – Where It Hurts’

’Jai Wolf – Like It’s Over (VALENTINE & Halpe Remix)’
’Bobby – Nourmand – D U S T’
’FIGHT CLVB X White Gangster X Gualtiero – MIN (Original Bass)’
’The Golden Pony – Passionfruit (feat. Denham)’
’BIJOU & Gerry Gonza – Twerk It Out’
’Humbl3(VenessaMichaels Remix)’
’Ruben Young – Take Her Down (Nevels x Morqix Remix)’
’HMU – Wings’
’GLD –

’Hans Zimmer – S.T.A.Y. (Delta Heavy Tribute)’
’Marcus James – Dancer ft. Lord L’
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[Trap] Ray Volpe – By Your Side (CRAY Remix)

By Your Side (CRAY Remix)

The Ninjas are fans of Ray Volpe. The Ninjas are also fans of up and coming producers remixing each others work, which is why we’re hopping on this CRAY flip of “By Your Side.” The pizza loving Los Angeles producer trapped out the heavy dub original, taking a step away from her future sound. We’re glad she did, because what she came up with is an extra dirty gem. Both drops have distinct, memorable sounds that have a high chance of getting stuck in your head. Chances are also high for you to boogie down to the bass; in fact, we’d venture to say that it’s near 100% likely that will happen. CRAY’s remix of “By Your Side” has been released for $0. Download it here.

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[Future] CRAY – Indigo


This Taco Bell and pizza loving trap queen is out to grab your attention, and she’s certainly done so with “Indigo.” Making the most out of a minimal trap influence, CRAY is supplying a nice amount of vibes to complement just about any future bass playlist, and if you haven’t caught any other material by her, this is a good place to start. It’s certain more low key than 1UP or Førtune, but it certainly helps to showcase her variety. Take a break from your hectic Monday and kick back with the wavy “Indigo” this evening. Don’t forget your free download either!

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