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[Multi-Genre] Brig – Vanilla Sky EP

Music like what we have for you here is what originally got me into this music industry. Since then there has been a massive branching out, but there will always be a special place for crazy, in your face tracks like what can be found on Brig‘s Vanilla Sky EP. The thing I love about Brig is he takes his sound up and down the tempo scale to give listeners a different pace to dance to, but he always brings a ton of energy. He delivers two 128 tracks, including the title single which may just break your speaker system. Lovers of dubstep will absolutely love the paired “Bottle Of Rum” tracks that bring in a little cut time action to an otherwise fast-paced collection of records. For me, because I love the 108-112 range so much, the closing single “Megalomania” is my favorite. I thought the other tracks were hardcore, but this one is pure savagery. If Vanilla Sky is up your alley, make sure to head over to iTunes to get a copy.

’Brig – Vanilla Sky’
’Brig – Bottle Of Rum (VIP Mix)’
’Brig – Intergalactic Pirate’
’Brig – Bottle Of Rum (Original Mix)’
’Brig – Megalomania’
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[House] The Delta Mode – Wake Up EP

The Crime Kitchen Crew got behind a super solid four track EP from the Hamburg trio The Delta Mode. With the act’s Wake Up EP, they deliver a quartet of house tracks that each has their own unique sound, making this a special EP for those house fanatics that love all styles in the 128 range. First, “Deja Vu” starts things off with a softer sound that is most akin to future house. Secondly, “Wake Up” brings a more festival driven sound to the forefront, but don’t think cheesy big room. It’s what big room wants to be. The third single emanates a more progressive style with a strong vocal, making it a more radio-centric song. Concluding the EP is perhaps my favorite track “You and I” that turns up the energy to an extreme level. For those looking to rage, this track will be the one you’re looking for. If you’d like to grab the Wake Up EP, head over to iTunes to get a copy!

’The Delta Mode – Dejavu’
’The Delta Mode – Wake Up’
’The Delta Mode – Find A Way Back To You’
’The Delta Mode – You And I’
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