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[Electronic] Crywolf – Quantum Immortality

Quantum Immortality

Making any sort of attempt to characterize Crywolf into a single genre is a lost cause. Don’t mistake that for a problem, because he’s championed his own sound into a graceful and enticing exploration of the sentimental side of electronic music. Whether he’s covering Flume or working to disrupt the mundane with the phenomenal Cataclasm, Crywolf continues to conduct a stirring presence in his music, and this newest tune substantiates that notion flawlessly.

“Quantum Immortality” sustains the breathtaking production style that we’ve come to know and love from Crywolf while his lyrics continue to delve into weightier subjects that many artists in a similar vein aren’t totally comfortable expressing. His willingness to scrutinize genuine emotions and display them through brilliant music is precisely what makes him great. Crywolf finds the beauty in the breakdown. We could all learn from that.

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[Music Video] Crywolf – Anachronism

Back in November of 2015, Crywolf shook the world with his Cataclasm LP. The sounds contained within it made it more than just any ol’ electronic album. It transcended boundaries, pushing us to redefine what we categorize as electronic music. One of the leading singles off the LP was “Anachronism,” which now has a visual partner.

That’s right. Crywolf has recently released a music video to go along with the emotive original. Although the video is quite simple, it features Crywolf out in the beautiful wilderness, there is more to it than meets the eye. Crywolf has always had minimalist tendencies, which shine especially in this video. If one were to look at his album and this new augmentation of the project, it’s quite clear that Crywolf is bringing the art back into musical artist. In electronic music, as well as elsewhere, the common characteristics of music aren’t as unique as they once were. Crywolf is attempting to bring that sense of artistry back by setting an example for others to look at. The “Anachronism” music video is just another example of that.

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Saturday Selection Vol. 8

Saturday Selection

Long weekends are way more exciting than they should be. That’s alright though, because we’re back with more tunes from this week! And what a week it was. May has been an absolutely absurd month of quality releases. Let’s hope it stays this way for a while. Enjoy!


Brandon Locher – Slow Steps

As life rushes around and flies by, stress can pile up without you even noticing. Take some time to alleviate it with the newest ambient tune from Brandon Locher. The warmth of “Slow Steps” juggles an ominous, yet comforting atmosphere with an orchestral presence to give the tune a movie score feel. You’ll feel immersed into a different world as soon as you hit play. Given the chance, that’s all we really want to do at a certain point, so enjoy this one when you’re feeling the need to hit the reset button after a long week.


Manila Killa – Youth (Feat. Satica)

Manila Killa has always managed to create music that instantly improves your day. Between Hotel Garuda and this solo project, he never loses his stride, and the Satica-featuring “Youth” adds another definitive tune to his arsenal. With so many variations of pop music, it gets a little strenuous to pin down an exact style for it, but we wouldn’t want to do that anyway. What we do know is the approach Manila Killa and Moving Castle are taking is equally accessible and compelling, marking a shift into a new wave of genre blending.


EMBRZ – Breathe

After what seemed like a long silence, EMBRZ returned to our SoundCloud feed five months ago with the beautiful “Home.” Now we have the equitably gorgeous “Breathe” gracing our ears. Shifting from his usual beat-driven and chilled-out creations, this Irish producer breaks out into his own take on deep house. There’s more to “Breath” than what that genre usually entails, and a major part of that lies with Pat Byrne’s vocals. Taking a path of four on the floor mixed with somber synths may be a switch up for EMBRZ, but he’s demonstrated that he can create something magnificent no matter the style.


Jorja Smith – Where Did I Go?

Following up the massive hit that is “Blue Lights,” Jorja Smith is back with a reflective and soulful mindset. “Where Did I Go?” exercises restraint production-wise to allow Jorja’s vocals to serenade us into a calm demeanor while her lyrics express a sense of vulnerability coupled with contemplation. Without any hesitation, we can say that Jorja Smith deserves all of your attention and then some. Even with only two (known) songs released at the moment, enough statements have been made with this pair of stellar tunes to merit Jorja as a potential breakout artist for this year. We’ll just have to wait and see!


Crywolf – Slow Burn (Elènne Remix)

This remix gave us shivers. Not only from the already emotional Crywolf lyrics, but also from the careful and calculated transformation that Elénne was sure to masterfully orchestrate. “Cataclasm” was an amazing album from front to back, so reshaping and providing a new context for it is a tall order. Elénne is more than qualified to tackle “Slow Burn,” and we got this wonderful remix as a result. Whether or not you were planning on experiencing a cascade of feelings today, listening to this amazing rendition of Crywolf will do it to you. Enjoy that. It’s a good thing.

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[Beautiful] Flume – Never Be Like You (Crywolf Cover)

Never Be Like You (Flume Cover)

Without a doubt, it is very difficult to live up to expectations when you’re trying to rework a Flume track. Being that we religiously follow Crywolf here at TMN, it’s safe to say that the talented singer/producer slayed this cover of “Never Be Like You” and painted Crywolf all over it.

Sustained vocals and strings highlight the tune and are paired with a slower tempo than the original. Following an epic buildup, the burst of synths and Crywolf’s unique vocals definitely give the song a paradisal and majestic vibe. You’ve probably never heard anything like it, but it will sure be a breath of fresh air. Considering Crywolf being a one-man-band, the level of production here is off the charts.

Available as a free download, this cover of “Never Be Like You” is some of Crywolf’s best work to date. I mean – who wouldn’t mind getting serenaded in heaven by Crywolf?

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Crywolf Dives Into Cataclasm Project & Teases New Live Show [TMN Interview]

One of the most widely talked about albums of the year coming from an independent artist is Cataclasm. If you have yet to hear this mystifying musical undertaking from Crywolf, then you better do it as soon as possible. Luckily, we have a few tracks off the album to share with you, along with an interview where we chat about the LP, Okami Records, and what’s to come from Crywolf’s new live show.

Justin Phillips was at a turning point in his musical career; one that led him to a true getaway for the creation of the twelve track project called Cataclasm. Instead of simply taking things easy once he had success, as well as support from artists like Ellie Goulding, Skrillex, Crystal Method and more, Crywolf decided he needed to make a change and push himself, along with music in general. The result was a extraordinary indie meets electronic LP that has truly shaken things up in electronic music. We welcomed Crywolf to the dojo to share more, so check out what he had to say, along with some of our favorite singles from Cataclasm.

’Crywolf – Anachronism’

TMN: How did you get into music originally?

Crywolf: I always loved music, but I was never that great at it. I made some random acoustic and rock stuff growing up, but it was… pretty cringe-worthy. I went through this sort of personal renaissance when I was 20 and it changed a lot of the ways I saw art. I started making stuff I was super proud of, and really channeling deeper stuff. I started making electronic music as a hobby while I was going to school for economics, and it just really clicked. The stuff I was making caught on, I started touring a lot, and eventually had to drop out cause I was touring too much of the time.

TMN: How would you describe the development of your sound over the course of your career?
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[Indie/Electronic] Crywolf – Wake (E-bow)

Wake [E-bow]

Crywolf is back with his second single off his upcoming Cataclasm project that’s due out November 29th on Okami Records. First we had “Rising, Rising” and now we have “Wake [E-Bow],” another crossover record that shows just what Crywolf can do. He builds an angelic atmosphere with both acoustic and electronic elements for a creation that will have listeners marveling. He does a particularly great job with the percussion in the single, which is certainly one of the strongest elements, along with his vocal contributions. Crywolf is steadily racing ahead of the pack as far as musicality is concerned, and once the album drops, the world will know just how ahead of the game he is. For now, we have two singles that you can stream or grab on iTunes. Be on the lookout, because more might come before release day!

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[Indie/Electronic] Crywolf – Rising, Rising

Rising, Rising

Crywolf has been stepping away from the general EDM mold with his last releases.”Rising, Rising” continues his ascension into less formulaic styles so that he can flex his full musical capacity as a creator. With this track Crywolf offers not only his exquisite production talents, but also his own vocal work that can be heard on numerous tracks he’s created in the past. As an all around artist, Crywolf is looking to bring new ideas to the forefront of electronic music, and this Okami Records single is evidence of that. He fuses his electronic world with a love of a more indie/alternative sound for one spectacular song that you can purchase through iTunes or get for free on Spotify.

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