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[Electronic] culpriit – Closer Still

Closer Still

Congo Records hit us with “Closer Still” from the LA duo culpriit and we fell in love instantly. It’s a mix of pop and dance music, a trend that is continuing to grow in strength and result in wonderful records like this one.

“Closer Still” comes after the duo’s debut release with the same label. This one is has less of an indie feel to it and abides more with pop sensibilities and guidelines. What makes culpriit really stand out is there ability to make genuine music. We’ve only heard two tracks so far but it feels natural. When producers make the shift to this style, sometimes it comes off as forced, but with culpriit they just make good records that fit this more popular bill. Look for them to continue to make a splash as the year moves forward and get a copy of “Closer Still” today.

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[Electronic] Culpriit – Driveway


Congo Records just dropped the debut single from the duo Culpriit. As a talented producer/songwriter gruop, Culpriit has what it takes to make some major moves in the industry. Their first step has been taken by releasing “Driveaway” today.

A strong vocal performance mixed with a masterful instrumental is a recipe for success. “Driveway” has that catchy factor that you look for in a lot of great songs, but the best part about it is that the track isn’t some watered down EDM hybrid copout. It’s a genuinely dope track that has us excited for the future with these two.

Driveway is about those weekends where you have nothing to do and nowhere to go when you were young. It’s about
anyone, anywhere in the world trying to find themselves in the people around them.


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