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[Tribal Dance] Equanimous – “Hummingbird” Ft. Cyndy Fike

Hummingbird (feat. Cyndy Fike)

The Los Angeles based producer Equanimous recently put out refreshing electronic track titled “Hummingbird” with the help of vocalist Cyndy Fike. The tune marks a departure from the artist’s previous pop-tronica project, N8-ST9. Although characterized by the same new age feelings of inner exploration, love and kindness; Equanimous now hangs up the soaring synths that shone through his earlier work in favor of a more minimalistic, tribal sound design. Fike’s fabulous vocals fly throughout the tune, weaving between delightful acoustic djembre drum breaks. If you’re looking to escape the synthetic elements that define pop electronic dance music, definitely get to know Equanimous.

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