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[House] Blooom – Know You

Know You

Are you ready to hear a house track with a ukulele in it? Whether you’re ready or not, we’ve got it for you thanks to Blooom, who both produced and performed for “Know You.” Released on Daily Earfood as a freebie, this lively tune isn’t what you’d expect.

Whether you know the ukulele’s coming or not, this track will take you by surprise. Given the instrument information, you may expect a tropical driven house record along the lines of Kygo, but that isn’t at all where Blooom takes things. Instead Blooom drives up a vibrant energy through a style that is more reminiscent of a time where guys like Mord Fustang were on top of the house arena. Things have changed since then, but that doesn’t mean producers like Blooom have to stop churning out iconic sounds like this.

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[Dubstep] Chime – Starstorm


Enjoy a freebie from the good people at Daily Earfood today. What track is it? The newest single from the melody master himself, Chime. “Starstorm” is the producer’s latest bass adventure that mixes some dark basses with some light and airy synths.

“Starstorm” feels like just that, an intergalactic firestorm. Now, if it were for real you wouldn’t want to catch yourself in the middle of cosmic bodies flying through space, but with this you’re going to want to bask in it as much as you can. Which you can do, as this one is available as a free download, so you can take it with you wherever you go, even when there is no data to stream. Don’t sleep on it.

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[Electronic] Demicat – OREDOROK EP

One word: OREDOROK. What is it? Well first, it’s the name of the new EP from Seoul producer Demicat and second it (basically) means forever in Korean. This five track project is going to be one of the best things you’ve listened to this week, if not the best.

Demicat gives us a taste of flavors from the East while dishing up a diverse array of sounds. He touches future bass, trap and beyond with his works on OREDOROK, a project that may truly live up to its name. All five singles are timeless and unique, showcasing the new heights that electronic music can reach if producers hone in. It’s CRAZY that this would be released as a free download, but it is, however if you want to do the right thing and support this project, you can do so through digital stores.

’Spirit Moves’
’LIGHT (feat. Neon Bunny)’
’BLUE (feat. DUVV)’
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[Multi-Genre] Brig – Summer Melancholy EP

Russia’s favorite pirate, Brig, has made his return to Daily Earfood with his newest EP, Summer Melancholy. Two months ago, Brig had a few single releases come out, but now his full blown EP is here to shake the end of Summer up.

Now that Summer is coming to a close, this is the perfect time for a project by the name of Summer Melancholy. Despite the second half of its name, the EP boasts a tone that is more in line with the current season. Lighthearted synths blaze a trail through four singles that have Brig pushing a more future bass and 8bit style than his usual heavy sound. With the opening song, we’re instantly met with devouring piano chords then quickly move into a bass-driven single that certainly lives up to the fact that it is the title track. “Extreme” comes next with a burst of energy that makes it one of the best tunes off the project. Both “Kingdom” and “Wake Up” are grand creations, but we feel that the first half of the EP is a tad bit stronger than the second half. All four great singles, so don’t be skipping any. Check them out below and if you would like to grab the EP, you can do so for free!

’Brig – Summer Melancholy’
’Brig – Extreme’
’Brig – Kingdom’
’Brig – Wake Up’
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[Moombahcore] Brig – Bad


Moombahton and an ungodly amount of bass together? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. One new example of the sound comes to us from the Russian pirate producer Brig. “Bad” is his latest single, which comes as a free download from Daily Earfood. Brig fires off a ton of calculated sounds in a complex arrangement that flow together seamlessly. Get your drunken swashbuckling on by raging your face off to this masterful midtempo monster. If you think your mixtape is fire, this single is a hundred times more flaming. Brig goes all out with the result being one insanely “Bad” record. There’s no need to turn up the bass, as this is already stocked full, but do turn up the volume for max effect.

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