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[House] Danny Darko feat. Mary Dee – Another Day In Paradise

Danny Darko ft Mary Dee
Another Day In Paradise (JOIN REMIX CONTEST)

At the end of May, the album YOUTH by Danny Darko was released to the world. Recently, a remix competition was put together for one of the singles off the project, “Another Day In Paradise” featuring Mary Dee. Among the eleven singles on the album, they wanted to give producers a chance to reinvent it.

“Another Day In Paradise” is a nu-disco style record that pays homage to older styles of progressive/disco house. A strong vocal performance by Mary Dee is backed by pleasurable piano chords and smooth grooves. Together Danny and Mary truly paint a sonic picture of paradise with their creation, which is why this single was one of the most loved songs on the album. Which, if you haven’t checked it out, you’ll need to hit up iTunes to peep in its entirety. Stream the single today, and if you’re a producer, go on a give the competition a go. You never know what will happen! Maybe an official release on Onyx Music

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