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[Future] MS MR – Dark Doo Wop (Birthday Boy Version)

Birthday Boy
MS MR- Dark Doo Wop (Birthday Boy Version)

When it comes to remixes, there are only a few outcomes that can be reached: the remixes that take a beautiful original and in the simplest of words, destroy it, the ones that take a song and turn it into something even better than the original, and finally the ones that take a great track, and transform it into a divergent product of just as much greatness and quality. Most of you can probably agree that music such as MS MR’s is borderline flawless to say the very least, and to renovate any of their tracks is a pretty bold move.

After successfully astonishing all of us at TMN with his feel-good remix of Beyonce’s “Party,” Birthday Boy once again catches us off guard with his latest remix of MS MR’s “Dark Doo Wop.” Maintaining the fun, care-free sound we first heard in his “Party” remix, Birthday Boy mixes in some hints of funk while preserving the mysteriousness that betokens MS MR.

Though many of you may be die-hard fans of the original, may we strongly suggest you give this rendition a listen. It differs much, but is just as sweet to the ear.

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