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[Rock] Shiny Wet Machine – Lights Out EP

Our favorite rock & rollers are finally here with their debut EP, Lights Out. Shiny Wet Machine have been unveiling this EP one track at a time, but all of them are hear now and available through the band’s online store. Released through Sizzy Rocket’s label Diet Punk, this five song project brings the heat, as well as a whole lot of punk attitude.

Lights Out kicks things off with two of our favorite records, “Euphoria” and “Stun Gun” which came out as singles before the EP. If you missed out on those treasures, no worries, they’re here for you today. The newly released “Spectrum” comes in at #3 on the tracklist, a more jam-driven record whose downtempo pace gives us a different stride on the overall project. “Chemical” picks things back up with it’s all out sound, one that ends quickly, like an explosion of pure punk. Lastly, “Hospitals” closes out the project as the most chill one. Overall, this EP is as good as it gets.

’Stun Gun’
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[Alternative/Rock] Shiny Wet Machine – Hospitals

Shiny Wet Machine

Shiny Wet Machine already caught our ears with their debut single “Stun Gun” and now they have returned with more. Their sophomore single “Hospitals” just hit the web through Sizzy Rocket’s imprint Diet Punk.

With “Hospitals” the group tones down the energy and attitude a bit, but they still hold true to the values that brought these artists together. There’s still some sass, but it’s not as outwardly provocative. Sizzy’s performance is as incredible as always and her lyrics are captivating. The thing I really love about this song and the project at large is they are able to play both sides of the line between the professional sound and the intimate, local rock vibe. Shiny Wet Machine is what every band you hear playing at backyard shows wants to be, but doesn’t come close. No offense, just listen to “Hospitals” for yourself and see. While you’re at it, grab a copy on iTunes.

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[Rock] Shiny Wet Machine – Stun Gun

Shiny Wet Machine
Stun Gun

First off, f*** yes. Now that we got that out of the way, we get to tell you about something special that is just beginning: Shiny Wet Machine. Comprised of punk’s glitter princess Sizzy Rocket and TheKickdrums, this new venture is something that should not be taken lightly.

Not only are they a new band, but they have a new single, released on Sizzy’s new label Diet Punk. All of this has been launched via “Stun Gun” and it is stunning. From the very start we’re thrown into a guitar riff that is about as catchy as it gets. From their Sizzy jumps in with her sultry voice. “Stun Gun” is straight punk rock; it has that intimate, local feel to it, but this is no garage rock crap. Shiny Wet Machine is all legit and they’re here to let you know that punk isn’t dead. “Stun Gun” is currently available on iTunes if you want to get it for yourself. Before you do, all we can say is: get ready to rock.

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